Important Holiday Information 2023

Unfortunately we are seeing delays in throughout the shipping network. 

UPS Mail Innovations, for example, was so overloaded last week they refused to pickup Thursday and Friday to give them time to get some of their overloaded facilities a bit emptier. They are additionally imposing daily shipping maximums which are going to lead to further delays.

Fedex is also limiting the number of packages they are accepting per day as they try and keep their facilities from becoming too overloaded to function.

OSM is picking up everyday and imposing no maximums but certain USPS facilities (the ones who do the final delivery) are extremely backed up especially on the East Coast. 

So we are asking for your patience and understanding, I understand asking your customers to wait for processing is not ideal, but in the vast majority of cases your item isn't lost, just delayed. Please explain to them that these facilities have hundreds of semi trailers in their parking lot waiting to be sorted. So if you call the post office and ask if they have it, they say they don't, because technically they don't as it was dropped off in the parking lot and is still waiting to be processed. Even if we made a replacement with the processing delays it would not get to your customer any faster. 

Here are some new articles detailing their issues

For most products we have more than one factory, so some facilities are faster than others so orders might ship out order. For example, the facility in California that does mugs, dog bowls, glass cutting boards, and beer steins had to eliminate its third shift and cut back on their second shift after California released their new COVID curfew restrictions. Which is reduced their capacity by 50%.

Other facilities have been hit hard by COVID related issues reducing their workforce and at this late time in the season many factories are unwilling to bring on new workers because of the chance of introducing new workers that could infect the rest of the crew and the scarcity of finding temporary workers in this environment.