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We here at the River Life Shop are just your everyday ordinary people, whom strive for the very best. We are Based in Kentwood, Louisiana. Putting smiles on the faces of merchant mariners and their loved ones is what motivates us to do what we do, the best way we can. At River Life Shop we recognize and appreciate the courage of the strong ladies of our hard working merchant mariners and we understand the need to keep alive the connection between them and other loved ones. Life as a mariner is one filled with huge responsibilities and great risks. These mariners are pulled apart from their loved ones for a long period, in which their spouses despite the sleepless night and longings still stay faithful and take over running of the home.

Time and distance serve as a barrier between these brave men and their families yet a strong lady would still say “I will wait for him”. These and many more reasons have we considered and have geared us into the creation of the River Life Shop, where we make quality custom made print on demand products to sooth and ease the emotional stress of the mariners and their loved ones, and most importantly to establish that emotional connections, and to keep their hopes alive even while they are away from their families.


 Our custom made products are of the highest quality, we  take pride in their durability and usefulness. We are aimed  at satisfying every of your River Life needs and this  makes  us partner with the best product printers and  manufacturers  across the USA and around the world. We  ensure that each  step in the production process is  monitored and well done.  We can boldly say that our  products are “sine qua non” i.e  second to none.


At River Life Shop, your comfort is our priority. We are proud to say that we have 100% response rate on our customer services , the efficacy of our customer services has earned us the respect of every of our customers and anyone who has had the opportunity of contacting us.

We put at heart the comfortability of our customers and we understand their needs and we go to great lengths to satisfying each of these needs to the best of our ability and to their utmost satisfaction. You can reach us through our customer service email:, you can also call us on 1 (855) 254-2576 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Eastern. Feel free to send us instant messages to our facebook page, your messages will still be delivered to us, use which ever channel is convenient for you.


At River Life Shop, we strive hard to improve the quality of our Products, Prints and our customer satisfactions. We are here to stay and grow with the mariners community, we welcome and appreciate your suggestions in various areas of the online store, we would love to hear from you. Let's grow together.

To all merchant mariners, River Life Shop is the home for you any time, any day. Never forget it's all about you, your family and the River lifestyle.

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